Smart, easy, and convenient online shopping to save you the most amount of money. This is what Redeemer is all about. We’ve taken every strategy developed through years as one of the top reseller companies in the world and created a system that supercharges consumer spending power – giving people a way to stretch their dollar without  stretching their monthly statement.

The Founders
A shopping enthusiast turned entrepreneur who tirelessly researches and curates amazing deals, providing access to luxury goods at affordable prices.
An expert shopper, has honed his skills over the years as a top online reseller, achieving remarkable success with nine-figure earnings.
Coin with the Redeemer "R"

Our Story

Our story began 8 years ago when Argentinian born Immi met Canadian born Mimi. Their international relationship created a synergy of talents and dreams. Immi was an award-winning Latino musician with an aim of creating wealth to help others. Mimi was an aspiring influencer with a love of shopping and business.

While Immi enjoyed eating steak, and Mimi preferred vegan food, they both loved good quality coffee. As a romantic, Immi wanted to surprise Mimi with an expensive luxury coffee machine that was well beyond his budget. In his quest for love and desire to buy, Immi compared prices, researched trends, analyzed credit card offers to purchase the coffee machine at the lowest price. He then continued to purchase more coffee machines for resale and profit.

Thus began the creation of a multimillion-dollar e-commerce business with sales of a variety of products at the lowest prices to consumers. Now, Immi and Mimi want to share their knowledge and skill for saving with the creation of Redeemer. After years of automating their expertise & strategies you will now be able save the most money with just a click of a button.

Maddy and Isaac